Online Courses for College Credit for Free

College courses cost hundreds of dollars per course and if you go to a college or university that’s several miles from home, you will have to think about staying in a dormitory for the next four years or so; or commuting everyday to and from school.

Unfortunately, both options are quite expensive – these, on top of paying for your college tuition and purchasing books and study aids.

These are the reasons why a lot students are looking for alternatives when it comes to completing their courses and finishing their undergraduate studies.

If you are still in the process of looking for options that are available to you, you might want to consider looking into taking some of your college courses online. You should know that there are both paid and free online college courses that are open to practically anyone who wants to learn.

Online Courses for College Credit for Free

Since you will be taking courses online to work towards your campus degree, you should check if the courses can be credited to your school campus credits. Now, generally speaking, free online college courses are non-credit courses.

You can take these just to give you additional information about your other courses, to help you with subjects that you may be having difficulty with, or simply for personal enrichment.

However, before you pass off the chance of taking any of the free online college courses that are related or similar to your on-campus course requirements; there are ways to earn college credits from these free courses.

Option 1: Portfolio Assessment

With this option, you basically convince the school board that you have taken a course that is equivalent, or corresponds, to the course for which you are seeking credit.

You will have to write an essay, provide proof to support your claim and then ask the board to assess and analyze your portfolio – and keep your fingers crossed that it will be approved for credit.

Option 2: Credit thru Exam

This is actually easier to do for a lot of students. You only have to take the College Level Examination Program, abbreviated to CLEP, pass the corresponding examinations and earn your college credit!

State Boards recognize CLEP exams as an alternative to earning college course credits which means that when you pass the tests, you will most likely have your free online college courses credited to your on-campus course credit requirements.

General Exams can give you credits for up to thirty semester hours while Subject Exams can give you at least three credit hours and at most twelve credit hours.