Online Courses for College General Education

Online courses for college general education have long been part of traditional schooling. But they are now being offered on the Internet. This allows students to complete their course wherever they are.

Overview of Coursework

There are dozens of subjects covered in web general education classes. But the most common are arts, government, history science and English composition. Also included in this list are psychology, music, language arts and mathematics. A growing number of schools now offer computer education as well.

These courses have to be taken by college students before they can finish their chosen degrees. In some schools these subjects are called gen ed. In simple terms, these are subjects that are outside of your major. Gen ed requirements also represent the credit hours you are required to complete prior to graduation.

Additional Details

Gen ed requirements vary per student. This is true in conventional and online classes. The number will depend on the department. You can check this out on their website. In some classes, students have to do writing assignments. Writing requirements are becoming increasingly common. In traditional schools, seminars or freshman classes are part of the curriculum. But this isn’t present in other online classes.

In some web classes, quantitative reasoning / math logic is mandatory. Depending on the major, statistics, philosophy or other subjects may be required. In certain degrees these are options. Online college departments can specify natural sciences or other topics. If there are laboratory experiments, it is probably a hybrid site. You have to take live classes aside from those online.

Credit hours required are usually the same as those in traditional classes. However, the credit classes online are transferrable. Once you have completed the gen ed subjects, these can count as credits to your own college.


The Internet allows students to use forums to discuss topics and assignments with their peers. They can also use videos, audio, animation, charts and other research tools. Chat rooms, email and video conferences are also becoming commonplace in online courses.

Other Information

Not all schools have the same kind of subjects. In some schools, general studies includes special education, health and physical activity. In others the scope is more limited.

Online courses for college general education are expected to become more and more mainstream. Because the Internet has become more prevalent, a greater number of students are expected to take part in these studies.

Online courses for college general education are increasing in greater numbers. There are several subjects that can be learned including math, the arts, languages and English composition. Different methods are used to deliver instructions, including video.