Online Language Courses for College Credit

Foreign Language courses are a general requirement in most schools for students enrolled in a degree program; a 4-year degree program at least.

Language courses usually have to be completed within the first two years of college before students can apply for their other subjects.

Unfortunately, not a lot of students are able to successfully complete their language course requirements on the first try. It is not uncommon to find students failing their language courses the first time they take.

What happens then is that they keep taking their language courses until they pass – sometimes, barely at that.

Online Language Courses for College Credit

If you wish to increase your chances of completing your language course requirement on your first attempt, online language courses for college credit may interest you. You will find that most of the foreign languages offered in schools have their online counterparts.

This means that whatever language courses are included in your college’s list of options are also available online.

This being said, you should first check your school’s specific foreign language requirements before enrolling online so you can be sure that whatever you will be taking is equivalent to your on-campus course.

Also, check your school’s website to know more about online schools that they accept course credits from.

If your school does not have a website yet or if it is down at the moment, call your school’s admin to inquire about transferring online credits to your academic credentials.

Now, to get down to business; what online language courses for college credit can you find online?

Foreign Language Courses Online

One more thing to remember when looking for online language courses for college credit; there are a number of language courses online that are offered for free and while you can learn the basics of the language from these courses, they are usually not eligible for college credit transfers.

Now that you have eliminated that option, your next task is to find the course suitable for credit to your college courses.

Language courses for college credit that you can sign-up for online are the following: French, German, Latin, and Spanish. These foreign languages have always been included in course requirements.

There are however, more options available now. Basque, Finnish, Greek, Korean, Norwegian, Chinese, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese and Polish have also now been included in foreign language options for college credit.

Generally, colleges require that students complete up to at least the second level of their language courses; i.e. Spanish I and II, Basque I and II, and so on.

You should check how many credits you need to complete per course. There are language courses that give you 1 up to 3 credits per course depending on the level of the lessons.

If your school only requires 3 credits for your language requirement, you may have to take just one online course so double-check this detail with your school.