Online History Courses for College Credit

Online history courses for college credit are required in some degrees. They are included in general education courses for associate’s degrees. These are now available on the Internet, making studies more convenient.

Overview of Coursework

The subject of these courses can be very diverse. It can be a general overview concerning US history and / or world history. The subjects may focus on different aspects. However, there are several common topics. Among them are history of each state, general American history and learning different historical methods.

If you are going to pursue a history major, you may study different approaches to the subject and reading some historical texts. Topics like the American Revolution, the Civil War, US presidents, American culture and so on can be studied online. Many of these courses will require you to submit papers and undergo examinations.

Types of History of Degrees

You can take a variety of degrees on the Internet: a master’s degree, PhD or a bachelor’s degree. Of course these history degrees will have other prerequisite requirements. The curriculum will also vary depending on the class. Apart from those subjects, you can also take up music or business history. There are also courses on world history, European history and many others.

If you want a bachelor’s degree in history, it will take four years to complete. The first couple of years, students have to finish general education courses. The subjects include foreign language, English, literature, sociology, mathematics and science. The last two years concentrate on the major.

A variety of other subjects may be included. Among these are naval history, current historical issues, philosophy in history and ancient civilizations. You might also specialize in the Middle East, women in history and World War II. A bachelor’s degree is needed before you can embark on a master’s degree. Common coursework are Cold War diplomacy, digital preservation research methodologies and medieval warfare.

Job Prospects

Those who graduate with Ph.D. in history can become restoration experts, historic preservationists or professors. Those who take a master’s degree can be oral historians, consultants, media specialists or archivists.

If you are taking up a bachelor’s degree in history, the job options are museum curators, researchers, journalists or teachers. The course subjects will vary by course. There are different specializations to choose from.

Online history courses for college credit can be obtained in many universities. These are credit earning programs and they are transferrable. Before you enroll, check what credits will be earned.