Online Courses for Dreamweaver

Online courses for Dreamweaver can be completed on the web. There is no need to attend a live class. Even if you have little experience, these classes are as comprehensive as any live training class.

Coursework Overview

Dreamweaver courses in colleges provide numerous modules on the subject. The same is true with their online equivalents. They start by Introducing the Interface. This is followed by lessons for creating your first website.

This is usually included early so students understand that it is not difficult. Succeeding courses teach you how to add images & links. The next step includes making websites using templates. Other courses train you on designing with tables and make online forms.

Internet courses provide instructions for using assets and libraries. There are also subjects that explain how to make websites with frames.

Additional Features

The subjects covered above cover different aspects of the application. Basic chapters explain how to create lists, indenting, & changing text color. Other topics include adding fonts for a web page, adding & formatting text and making a new document. When adding links and images, you learn how to test links, make Jump and email links.

You also get trained how to align Images on a web page. You study how to place images & graphics into tables. Modules on table design include adding a background color, aligning text & graphics in tables and inserting text. When creating online forms, you will study how to set properties for form submission, add submit buttons and put in checkboxes. There are also subjects on adding radio buttons & list menus.

Other Information

Aside from the subjects stated, you also learn other aspects of the program. You find out how to use animated GIFs, apply rollovers and outing PDFs to web pages. Students also discover how to use the history panel, put metatags in place and link targeting.

You find out how to use Dreamweaver to organize files & folders. Additional features include saving features as favorites, configuring options for display and using other applications with Dreamweaver.


A fast Internet connection is recommended. You must have Flash or another video player installed to play any videos on the tutorial site. Read the website’s “requirements” link to learn what else is needed.

Online courses for Dreamweaver are aimed at specific editions of the software. Before you enroll in one of these programs, be certain that you have met its prerequisites.