Online Courses for Elementary Education

Online courses for elementary education are expected to rise in number. This is to cope with the demands for teachers at the kindergarten and elementary levels. The web provides aspiring educators a practical way to learn.


Required courses are history, math, science, literature, social science and other general education subjects. Colleges and universities offer programs to prepare teachers for elementary education.

These elementary teaching schools instruct students how to teach kids from kindergarten to grade 6. Educators can also take up doctoral or master’s degrees. Required courses aside, students must also complete a master’s thesis.

Apart from general education courses, aspiring teachers must also take up courses in music, communication and the arts. Other mandatory courses are about professional education. The subjects are teaching methods, child psychology, educational technology and educational philosophy. Education theories must also be taken up. Practicum in educating is also needed in most programs.

Additional Details

Various options exist. Some universities allow undergrads to take appropriate courses during their junior year. They may also spend a semester teaching. Many schools offer baccalaureate degrees in education, but not all do. Those that do not instead have students enroll in liberal arts. Afterwards they apply for elementary science or math education.

Other schools tender a bachelor of arts in child development degree instead. This is offered at the undergraduate level. After completing it, students can pursue their master’s. Masters of Education programs are also offered to students who have certificates or degrees in other universities.


The majority of these programs are hybrid in nature. Some subjects are studied online, but live classes are also required. Just like conventional schools, online programs make use of lectures, notes and presentations. Video conferences and webinars are also employed.


Whatever the program is, student-teaching placement participation is a must. Background checks are conducted too. Elementary education programs require applicants to complete all prerequisites.

The majority of these sites also require you to have a second major preferably in the liberal arts. Before you enroll, check the admission requirements. In some schools, only limited numbers are accepted.

Other Information

The majority of these programs require participants to be practice teachers. This is usually for a single semester. Coursework completed have to be 120 hours at least.

Online courses for elementary education are offered by several public and private universities. Before you can join the field, completion of a post-secondary education program is required.