Online Courses for Free UK

Online courses for free UK offer hundreds of subjects. If you have never taken these programs before, this will give you an idea of what to expect.


Hundreds of courses are available. You can take up social science, science, psychology, statistics and math. Internet classes on law, languages, health and social care and international studies are also there. You will also find topics on engineering and technology, computing and ICT education and business and management.

Arts and humanities are also online. There are also subjects such as manufacturing basics, beginners’ Chinese, understanding operations management and essay and report writing skills. Music theory and creative fiction are also online.

Accreditation is not given in these free classes. However, you will be able to check your record of activities. These sites have a search feature you can use to find a course. All the courses mentioned above have detailed sub-fields.

For example, business management courses will include topics like financial services, marketing and human resources. Science courses cover topics like biology, bio fuels, chemistry, gene therapy and ecology among others.


Different formats are used. The most basic levels will take only an hour. More intricate subjects will take 50 hours. Various activities have to be completed. Most of these sites require you to register even though they are free. Subjects are usually divided into units. Some of these courses are at an introductory level while others are for postgraduates. Since these programs are free, you can study them anytime.

These sites do not have any tutors. But these UK course learning outcomes and activities are available. Sample answers are there to help.

Other Information

Videos are used to supplement reading materials. They are used in a lot of classes, especially foreign languages and science. Basic skills courses are also on the web. Aside from the courses mentioned earlier, there are also topics on food and catering, gardening and history. Web design courses and programming are among the most popular.

Free adult learning programs are also online. Aside from privately owned websites, there are also free resources offered by online universities. You can find several forums that review these sites; they can help you find the best ones in the UK.

Online courses for free UK offer subjects for beginners and advanced students. If you want to expand your knowledge, taking any of these courses will help. You just need to find the right one for your needs.