Online Courses for Greek

When you input “online courses for Greek” on your search engine, you will find that Greek courses online are generally offered in two types: Greek Language and Greek Mythology.

There are also online courses for New Testament Greek. What this means for you is that basically, what your course requires in terms of Greek lessons, is available on the internet; be it the language or Greek studies.

Free Online Courses for Greek

Greek Mythology

The good news is that both and paid online courses for Greek are available. There are basic Greek language courses that you can avail of for free on the internet and there are likewise free online Classical Greek courses.

If you are only looking to improve your Greek skills and knowledge minus the course credits, then free online courses are what you need. These basic courses will already give you a general knowledge of both the language and Greek history.

The University of Washington provides a free Greek Mythology course through its OpenUW site.

OpenUW provides several free online courses that are based on their full-length courses offered via the school’s Distance Learning Program.

OpenUW Greek Mythology is divided into seven sections: Introduction, Part 1: The Nature of Myths, Part 2: Zeus and Athena, Part 3: Aphrodite and Artemis, Part 4: The Afterlife, Part 5: Cycles of Legends and Sagas, and the Conclusion.

Once you’re done with the course, you will have a basic idea of who the main characters in Greek Mythology are and the roles that they play. The course also provides books for recommended reading.

Classical Greek

For Classical Greek language, the University of Texas at Austin’s College of Liberal Arts Linguistics Research Center offers Classical Greek Online, Introduction.

The course takes on the Greek alphabet and pronunciation, vocabulary, sentence structure, and parts of speech.

Paid Courses

Bear in mind that the courses listed here are simply introductory courses. If you need more comprehensive lessons, you may have to take a paid online course for Greek offered by various universities and language schools.

Harvard University’s Extension School provides online courses for Greek at specific times of the year.

An example of this is Concepts of the Hero in Classical Greek Civilization which was offered during the Fall season of 2011.

Updates on available courses for each year are provided on the university’s Extension School website so check the site from time to time to know if Greek courses that you need are currently being offered.