Online Courses for Free Harvard University

A Harvard education can help you fulfill your dreams of working as a professional in whatever field you choose.

Regarded as one of the best schools in the world, Harvard’s reputation for providing quality education through highly-qualified and competent instructors plus curricula designed to develop and enhance their students’ skills has placed the school in the list of top-rank educational institutions worldwide.

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However, if you are undecided about taking up your college courses in Harvard you can try out first some of the free online courses that the university offers.

Online Courses for Free – Harvard University

The free online courses offered by Harvard are via Harvard Open Courses: Open Learning Initiative.

While the courses are non-credit courses, you should still consider taking one or two – or all of them even – just so you can have an idea of how courses go at the university.

Moreover, the free video lectures feature the university’s top faculties which also provide you with a closer look at who comprises the school’s elite faculty and how the teachers conduct their classes.

You’ve got nothing to lose if you check out the free courses, except perhaps a few minutes of your time, but much to be gained.

Courses Topics

The free online courses cover several topics of interest, giving you plenty of options as to which ones to view first. Greek Literature, Computer Science, Shakespeare, World History, and Mathematics are but a few of the topics covered by the free courses.

The faculty members who conducted the lectures are mostly holders of Doctorate degrees and you can view their respective areas of specialization when you click on their specific video lectures.

As of this writing, the free online courses are the following:

– The Heroic and Anti-Heroic in Classical Greek Civilization conducted by Prof. Gregory Nagy, PhD.; specializes in Classical Greek Literature

– Intensive Intro to Computer Science conducted by Prof. David J. Malan, PhD.; specializes in Computer Science

– Shakespeare After All: The Later Plays conducted by Prof. Marjorie Garber, PhD.; specializes in English and American Literature

– World War and Society in the Twentieth Century: World War II conducted by Prof. Charles S. Maier, PhD.; specializes in History

– Abstract Algebra conducted by Prof. Benedict Gross, PhD.; specializes in Mathematics

The video lectures are roughly about 50 minutes long per course and may be downloaded or played directly via Web applications. Audio lectures of each of the courses are also available for download in mp3 format.