Online Courses for Green Building

Enrollees in online courses for green building have seen a spike in interest as many have become environment conscious. Even architecture graduates can take these classes and specialize in building eco-friendly structures.

Coursework Overview

Courses concentrate on creating buildings and houses with renewable resources. Using these methods, the effect on the environment is lessened. Green architecture schools provide courses explaining different types of biodegradable materials. Proper use of these materials is explored. Students learn how to produce energy efficient environments.

Numerous degree programs for green designers and architects are being offered. In depth studies concerning interior design, engineering and construction are covered. There are also courses on ecology and how it relates to architecture. Students must also study natural building systems. The focus is going to be on the physics of architecture and how to best implement them.

Participants in these programs study courses focused on the philosophical, practical and technical aspects of sustainable design. Live classes are required to complete some research projects. Attending lectures is required in many classes. But in other sites, this is offset by the use of video conferences and streaming / live video.

Students get trained in other areas such as public policy, research and their career in building. Environmental science is included in many of these classes. It is also possible to work on multidisciplinary programs. These can be customized to suit your interests.

Additional Details

A significant portion is devoted to the study of high quality materials. Green building colleges go through the various materials that you can use without frequent replacement. Students get training in various building concepts too.

Aside from the subjects mentioned, there will also be topics on sustainable community development, environmental sustainability in engineering and design concepts.


Probably the most common is the Master of Science in Sustainable Design. Other schools offer a Master of Architecture or a Master of Science in Sustainable Technology Integration. Some programs take a year to complete, but others last longer. Degrees in related fields are also available.

Other Information

Sustainable architecture programs are usually for those with experience in architecture. However, there are colleges for graduates who are interested in creating environment friendly buildings. License requirements depend on the state.

Stipulations in some colleges include studying for two full semesters. They must also complete 120 hours of coursework. Residency work is also needed.

Online courses for green building are also known as sustainable design. In other schools they are referred to as environmental design architecture.