Online Courses for High School Students Summer

Taking elective courses once the school year has ended is a great way to spend the summer, especially for high school students who want to build-up their scholastic CV’s for college applications.

If there’s a particular college or university that you wish to go to, attending one of their summer courses will also give you a firsthand experience of what college life will be like at the school of your choice once you get accepted.

In addition, the school that you wish to go to – where you also took summer courses at – may consider your summer course credit for your application to their school.

Online Courses for High School Students – Summer

There are a good number of pre-college online courses for high school students – summer that you can consider for credit. If there’s a particular school that you wish to go to for college, you can check their website if they have online pre-college programs.

For instance, Brown University offers Online Pre-College Courses for everyone who wants to have a taste of what it will be like to study at the university once they get accepted.

What courses are offered by the university?

Basically, the pre-college courses offered help students explore various fields of study. For example, if you wish to become a doctor, there are summer courses offered that will give you a glimpse of what pre-med classes will be like as well as give you the opportunity to attend to “patients” via online simulations.

If it’s the engineering field that you wish to study for in college, you can take courses that will allow you to explore the various aspects of engineering.

Anatomy, Physiology and Disease, and DNA Science are likewise offered for the summer.

Other Online Courses for Pre-College High School Students

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are also schools that offer summer programs for high school students as well. These can also be taken online and they likewise make for excellent additions to your high school credentials.

These courses include World Music and Cultures, Calculus, Greek and Roman Mythology, US History, Introduction to Romanticism, African Music, and German I.

The diversity of the subjects provide you with excellent options for your summer courses. Whatever field you are interested in, you will see that a good number of colleges and universities offer a wide range of online courses suitable for high school students – and can be taken completely online just for the summer.

Summer classes are a great way to be productive during your school break plus, as has been mentioned, these are great for building-up your high school credentials.