Texas Tech Online Courses for High School Students

If you have kids in high school and you are considering enrolling them in high school courses over the summer so they can graduate early, you may want to consider signing them up for online courses.

This way, you won’t have to drive them to school for their classes and you get to supervise them with their studies right at home.

Online courses are also offered for high school diplomas which means that if you and your ki

Texas Tech University

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ds should decide that online schooling under your supervision is the best option for them, they can totally complete their high school education straight from the internet via distance or e-learning programs.

Texas Tech Online Courses for High School Students

If you haven’t yet decided on which online school to go with, check out Texas Tech University. They offer high school courses for credit and diploma through their Independent School District program – their online learning portal aimed at providing quality education to high school students.

Your kids can take courses for credit which means that these will be added to their regular high school credits either for early graduation purposes or to take a few course loads off from their regular schedule.

They may also take the courses to complete their high school education and earn their diploma. Either way, Texas Tech online courses for high school students will work to your kids’ advantage.

The courses are broken down into the following general categories: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies – Texas and US History, Health and Physical Education, Languages Other Than English, Fine Arts, and Electives.

The general categories are further broken down into several sections so each grade level will have course options suitable to their age or year in high school.

Undergraduate Courses

High school students may also take non-credit undergraduate courses however, you will have to apply at the University first as a Non-Degree Seeking Student and if your application is approved, you can start choosing from their list of online courses and subjects.

Some of the subjects and courses that you can choose from include: Advertising, Architecture, Art, Bilingual Education, General Psychology, Essentials of College Rhetoric, Art Appreciation and Introduction to Technical Writing.

Course fees may vary depending on the extent of the lessons but generally, course fees start at $125 each plus you will also be asked to pay an additional $30 for administrative fee.

Application to courses can be done online. More information is provided at the site’s FAQ page if you have questions regarding registration, course completion and grading system; among others.