Online Courses for HVAC Tech

Online courses for HVAC tech provide comprehensive training for students. The core subjects are about maintaining, installing and repairing various kinds of systems.

Overview of Coursework

Heating and air conditioning schools focus on subjects such as refrigeration technician, ventilation and heating.

You will find out how to configure, fix and troubleshoot HVAC equipment in homes and businesses. These courses provide students with the latest equipment and technology. These will get you ready for a real job. Training is challenging, but you will find that it is easier because some of the lessons are online.


The flexible schedule allows students to learn at their own pace. Other classes offer accelerated learning programs. These are more expensive than regular courses. But for those who want to finish the program quickly this is an option. The majority of these classes can be finished in less than ten months.

Additional Details

HVAC schools give out diplomas or certificates to those who finish the program. The subjects are going to vary.

But some topics will always be covered. Installation of valves, thermostats and compressors will be included. To become an expert in refrigerators and air conditioners, knowing how to repair those components will be necessary. Students are also trained in repairing various system components.


Web based courses are divided into modules. The number varies by class. The more modules / chapters, the more comprehensive it is. Aside from the subjects mentioned earlier, practice exercises, assignments, projects and terminology guides are provided. Study materials are comprised of online tests, textbooks, video lectures and many others.

Some of these classes offer live lessons. These are hands-on training projects. A lot of these live training programs provide textbooks, digital multimeters and other tools. These are all part of the amount you pay. Students also learn how equipment performance is affected by the environment.

Other Information

Although these courses have flexible schedules, they are very comprehensive. The combination of live and online training includes monitoring and maintaining temperature control. You will also learn how to cope with the demands required in the job. Universities also offer graduates career guidance. These classes have testing centers for their students. While training, you will learn what types of units to work with.

Online courses for HVAC tech are being offered by several universities and colleges. If you are looking for a nonconventional way to learn, studying on the web is a suitable option.