Online Courses for HVAC Certification

Online courses for HVAC certification is now a popular alternative for nontraditional students who want to pursue a career in this field. After students graduate, they will be qualified in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.


Air handling unit (AHU)

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Apart from certifications, some online schools offer bachelor’s degrees and associate’s degrees in related courses. There are also single and group classes. These Internet courses have various offers including construction theory and the scientific explanations at the back of controlled settings. That being said, an internship is usually required for these graduates. Internet courses with internship and offline work are called hybrids.

Curriculum in Online Studies

The US has standardized the testing and study materials for potential HVAC technicians. The fundamental coursework covers several subjects. These include HVAC fundamentals, heat transfer systems, electronic control systems and the thermodynamics of refrigeration.

Facts about air circulation and quality and power distribution systems are also studied exhaustively. Some online schools center on electric motor theory, the effects of hazardous materials and protective gear. Common installation standards are also studied.

Seminars and Summer Sessions

Due to the nature of the work, many online programs are hybrid. Students are required to attend summer school or seminars. This is necessary so they can work in laboratories or test sites. If your Internet school is of the hybrid variety, check the scheduling and where you have to do test work.

Some topics like green HVAC technologies, electronics and drafting may or may not be done in test labs.

Online classes provide the same kind of materials like those in real classrooms. There are exams, tests, quizzes and homework. Industry terminology, textbook readings and archived lessons are also available. Many websites offer audio and video along with lessons. Most of the videos are concerned with the demonstration of air conditioning systems.


A computer with Internet access and multimedia capabilities are required. The online site may also require a program or plug-in to access all the lessons. Note that you do not have to be part of an HVAC program to participate in Internet courses.

Other Information

To become an adept technician, you also have to study related courses like structural mechanics, plumbing, wiring, carpentry and others. Many of these courses can be learned on the Internet. But there are also internship skills available online.

Online courses for HVAC certification used to be only available in classrooms. The presence of long distance programs has made it more accessible and popular.