Online Courses for Japanese Language

Online courses for Japanese language and translation are in high demand in the US. Whether you want to speak the language, translate or interpret it, there are web based institutions to choose from.

Coursework Overview

Japanese language studies set up their language programs in different ways. These are intensive and can take a year or two to master. Students learn expressions used for greeting, leaving, asking occupations, stating personal details and counting.

You will also find chapters focusing on personal information, time, shopping, transport, schedules, directions, location, plans and restaurants. Other chapters focus on vocabulary, grammar, tenses, expressions and sentence structures.

Additional Details

Classes for Japanese studies do not just focus on the language. You will also learn about Japanese culture, life and history. Articles in Japanese allow you to think in the language instead of making mental translations. You also learn about its history and people in the process. Internet based learning now incorporates streaming and recorded video. Instead of just reading a pronunciation guide, you will be able to hear the words spoken.

Format and Features

Beginners can start with basic Japanese classes. Lessons focus on learning simple expressions, counting, telling time, confirming/denying, asking/telling addresses and phone numbers. You also learn how to describe things, offer/receive and inquire about price and quantity. Advanced courses concentrate on reading and research.

Programs are run by language experts or native speakers. Undergraduate language courses are available from several schools. Apart from the language, you will also learn its literature, geography and other facts.

Programs are divided into semesters. A typical comprehensive course takes three years to complete. Those who want to study advanced courses can study for an additional year. Advanced topics will teach you about the art, politics and history of the country.

Study Options

Certificate and degrees are both available on the web. Certificate programs are for those who want basic knowledge of the language. Degrees take longer to finish but are more comprehensive. Completing a master’s degree qualifies you to teach Japanese. Some of these classes sponsor Japanese related activities. You may be required to attend these. Studying abroad is available in some classes.

Online courses for Japanese language are also available in free websites. Unlike formal classrooms, you do not have to pay a tuition fee. The drawback is there are no instructors. You are on your own. Few of these free sites offer a certificate either.