Online Courses for Teaching English as a Foreign Language

You’ve always wanted to be a teacher but somehow, you got derailed and are now practicing in a totally different field – been doing so for many, many years actually.

You should know that no one’s too old to pursue a lifelong dream. You don’t actually have to go back to school and earn another degree, one that specializes in Education.

If you can speak American English, you can make full use of this skill by training for teaching English as a Foreign Language.

If you’re worried that you will have to leave your job or go to night school in order to get your proper training and certification to teach English as a foreign language, there are online courses for teaching English as a foreign language so worry no more.

Online Courses for Teaching English as a Foreign Language

You will find the online courses for TEFL abound which gives you plenty of options. You can opt to just learn the basics of TEFL online through free online courses or you can also go the whole nine yards and enroll in an online program that also provides you with field training.

If you wish to start on your new career path immediately, you should definitely consider a course that provides both the necessary courses and practicum so you can be better prepared for your first TEFL class – this time, as the teacher.

Georgetown University in Washington has an online learning portal for their Center for Language Education and Development which provides you with online courses for teaching English as a foreign language.

CLED offers Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate Program to individuals who wish to pursue a career in this field.

Of late, this profession has been in-demand proof of which is the mushrooming of language schools all over the world, offering English lessons to foreigners of various ages.

The program is divided into two parts: TEFL Online and TEFL Practicum.

TEFL Online should be taken continuously within the nineteen-week schedule prepared by the school.

Lectures will be uploaded weekly. TEFL Practicum on the other hand is a five-day intensive training to prepare students for their foray into teaching English to foreign students.

TEFL Online will provide students with techniques and tips on how to teach students about reading, writing and speaking in the language; putting emphasis on the proper pronunciation of words.

Students will also learn how to develop lesson plans plus how to pick the right materials for each of their lessons.

Upon completion of TEFL Online and TEFL Practicum, you will be given a certificate proving that you have been properly trained to teach English as a foreign language.