Online Courses for LPN Degree

Online courses for LPN Degree are available for those who wish to pursue a career as a Practical Nurse.

Practical Nursing will give you the opportunity to work as a basic nurse if you wish to find out whether or not a full-time nursing career as a Registered Nurse is what you really want.

Once you have completed your LPN Program, you can pursue your studies further and get a BS in Nursing degree in order to become a Registered Nurse – someone whose work entails more than just assisting in basic nursing duties.

Online Courses for LPN Degree

An LPN Degree is also the fastest way to become a nurse albeit with certain limitations.

If you’re looking to enroll in online courses for LPN Degree, you should know that while studying for the degree will be conducted online; there usually is a required hands-on part of the program and you may have to go to land-based accredited health care institutions or training classrooms provided by your online school in order to complete the program.

You should therefore check which accredited institutions or training facilities are provided by your choice of online school so you’ll know if there’s one that’s close to where you live or where you are taking your online courses.

Northland Community and Technical College can provide you with online courses necessary to become a Licensed Practical Nurse via its Distance Minnesota Program wherein online courses are provided covering a variety of degrees, from Associate’s to Bachelor’s to diploma courses and certificate courses.

Its Practical Nursing Degree requires students to attend on-site training, ranging from 4 days up to 16 days; depending on the specific course that you are taking.

It is important to note here that should you fail to attend the first session, you may be taken out from the entire course.


Before you can be considered for the LPN courses via Distance Minnesota, there are pre-requisites that you need to fulfill first. First of all, you must completely fill-out the online Application Form which can be found on their website.

Together with the form, you will also have to submit your Transcript of Records and pay the $20 processing fee. Your application will be assessed upon which, it will be determined if you need to take an assessment test.

Aside from these, you will also have to have a CPR Certificate and must have no grade lower than C for all per-requisite courses. Check online for all Program Eligibility Requirements.