Online Courses for Military

Online courses for military allow students to complete part of their training even if they are unable to attend classes live. By completing the required courses, US military personnel will be able to advance in rank. In addition, they discover more facts about their jobs.

Benefits and Advantages

Those who enroll in military schools can get Special Qualification Identifiers (SQIs) and Skill Identifiers (ASIs). Not all courses provide SQIs or ASIs. But those that do can result in points promotion.

These points can be then be added to a student’s member file. There are courses which can earn you a certificate. These are signed by colonels or higher officials and are converted to promotion points. The ratio is 5 hours of instruction = 1 point.

Standard Courses

Military colleges typically offer Combatives, Battlefield Forensics and Combat Life Saver. These are available for anyone who is in military school. If you graduate from these courses, they will become part of your record. The coursework for the army, navy, air force, etc varies.

Leadership Courses

The subjects covered usually consist of counseling skills, decision making and time management. Military ethics is also covered in these programs. This course is not just for generals, but all military personnel. There are schools which offer a military leadership course as a minor. This can assist those looking for jobs related to defense or the government. In some military schools, a leadership course is required before you can graduate. This course can be taken in high school or college.

Other Information

Scholarship courses that you take in these colleges are required for getting a leadership position or promotion. US Army noncommissioned officers must take Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course (ANCOC), Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course (BNCOC) and the Warrior Leader Course (WLC) before they can be promoted to another rank.

These programs include leadership techniques, tactical reasoning and professional conduct. Those who do not take these courses risk rank revocation. If this happens, they need to work their way back up. Military training can be converted to credits. Make sure that you have the required documents. Specialty and basic training can also be used as credit.

Before enrolling in online courses for military, go through the admission requirements. Apart from the necessary paperwork and transcripts, you have to undergo a physical examination. There will also be a series of tests to determine their physical, emotional and mental toughness.