Online Courses for Networking Specialist

Online courses for networking specialist explain fundamental network standards and practices. By the end of this program, you will learn how computer networks function together.

Coursework Overview

Colleges with networking programs detail the ways components work in different configurations. These courses illustrate how server and desktop operating systems function. You also learn how systems are utilized. You will also discover how they affect network resources.

Students learn how differentiate security issues and other matters affect the performance a system. Participants in these courses determine what factors restrict the performance of a network. Students get training on fundamental principles and how they can function in corporate settings.

Most universities with networking programs offer other degrees and options. But you are also given a rounded education. General education courses like natural sciences, sociology and fine arts have to be taken too.

You also learn the basics of database management systems. Those who enroll in these programs find out about operating systems, internetworking and systems engineering. You also learn how to work with switches, servers and routers.

Additional Subjects

Participants in these courses are trained to propose design methods that ascertain optimal performance. Universities with network classes explain the principles of the web, their designs and different aspects of the Internet. Participants discover how to manage sites and web servers.

Students then learn how to put this information to work in an e-business enterprise. You discover how to troubleshoot networks, provide security on personal computers and troubleshooting networks.


Applicants have to be at least 18 or 16 years old. A GED or high school diploma is needed. Basic knowledge of keyboarding and computing also helps.

Other Information

Graduates can work in computer companies. Students can get a degree or certification. Certifications can be for Cisco, Microsoft or other programs. You will learn how to work with customers or people with network problems.

Students in these courses learn how to use operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and LINUX. LAN, WAN and routing are included in these programs. By the end of this course you will know how to manage, implement and design WAN and LAN systems.

Graduates of this course can become a computer network analyst, technical support specialist or a network installation technician.

Online courses for networking specialist can be found in various universities. Some of them are offered as specific majors or programs. But some can be studied under computer science or related subjects.