Online Courses for Free Computers

Online courses for free computers can enhance your knowledge of computing at no cost. Even though these are free, the information provided is of high quality.


These courses have very flexible schedules. Most of them allow you to study anytime. These are ideal for busy people. Aside from illustrated guides, many of these free sites use video and audio. Animation is also used in many of these classes.


There are many kinds of computer study programs on the web. Typically you will see links on the page indicating what tutorials are offered. The more advanced courses will teach you how to build a PC piece by piece. Others teach you how to use an operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux etc).

Other topics include studying the basic concepts of the Internet, using networks and assessing their configurations. There are also subjects on viruses, troubleshooting computer problems and identifying hardware and software.

These programs are divided into modules. Aside from the topics mentioned, there are other topics that are available. These include buying computer hardware and learning how to install them. You will learn the components inside a computer. You will learn what the motherboard is, the connectors, jumpers, hard disks, DVD drives and other external devices.

More Subjects

These topics are usually followed by training for common applications such as word processors and spreadsheets. These courses will explain the features in an operating system, their functions and features. These classes also teach how to use computer applications. For example, a course that focuses on Windows will likely teach Word, Excel and other Office applications.

Multimedia elements are included in these classes. These subjects explain how audio and videos work and play on computers and the Internet. Beginner courses will teach how to download music and other files on the web.

Lessons on multimedia cover topics such as photo manipulation, downloading and watching movies and manipulating data. You will also learn how printers, scanners and speakers work. There are also topics that explain how they are installed.

Other Information

Most of these courses teach you about different aspects of computing. But some classes allow you to choose specific topics. Instructors are not available in most free study programs. But you can go to forums and discussion boards to help you.

Online courses for free computers usually do not earn credit. These are not formal education courses. But anyone who wants to just learn about computers will find these free programs suitable.