Online Courses for Office Administration

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Graduates of online courses for office administration are growing in number. Study programs online will develop the communication skills needed for office work.


People can choose from a variety of programs. Novices may take up entry level studies; there are also specialty programs for advanced users. There are also courses which help explore your different career options.


Programs range from office processes, office technology and software applications. Courses may be taken for professional development or for personal gain. But there are also courses where you can get a certificate.

There are also courses on keyboarding, business English, word processing and business communications. Records management, administrative procedures, transcription, Outlook and business calculators and mathematics are also available.

Students may also take up accounting computerized accounting and integrating accounting. There are also topics about human relations, presentation skills, databases, spreadsheets and web design. Students who wish to take up desktop publishing, self management skills, payroll administration, office practicum, administrative assistants and other office work may do so.

Additional Courses

There are also subjects about family litigation procedures, legal office procedures and law office practicum. More advanced subjects focus on corporate procedures, letter and report writing and office procedures & records management.

Other topics that are covered are administrative office procedures and admin assistant simulation. There are also subjects about maintaining a website, family law and corporate law.


These business programs offer flexible schedules. They are less strenuous compared to attending a real class. It is possible for students to study during holiday, weekends, evenings or any day they want. Students may study them anywhere there is Internet access.

These programs make use of updated management software. These programs have online instructors. Like other Internet courses, they are interactive. It is possible to study from any location because all the study materials assignments and activities are online.

Other Information

These online programs are ideal for high school students. They are also for people who want to enhance or change their career. These can also be taken by advanced students who want to enhance their knowledge. Read the site carefully; some of these programs have to be studied offline. Also remember that some courses have deadlines. Go through the policies to avoid problems.

Online courses for office administration also train students in working in various working environments. These programs will teach their students to solve different business problems. These programs also develop their ability to make sound judgments.