Online Courses for Microsoft Office

Online courses for Microsoft Office are necessary to enhance your knowledge of these programs. Although very popular, few users actually go beyond the basic features of each application.

Coursework Overview

Microsoft Office Mobile on Windows Phone

Some websites only offer training for Word, Excel and Outlook. Other courses include all programs. A comprehensive Office 2010 guide includes tutorials for Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Lync, Visio, SharePoint and Project. The software list will be different for Office 2007 and Office 2003. That is why you should choose a course with the edition you are working with.

Individual Course Subjects

Course subjects include switching to Office 2010 from older versions of the suite, and navigating through their features. Word tutorials usually include topics like create and customize a table of contents, headers and footers for document sections and making a table of contents.

Excel tutorials include using keyboard shortcuts, how to manage information, plan payments and savings. There are also guides for entering formulas and using functions. With Access tutorials you will learn how to use their templates, modify a database, importing data, creating queries and many others.

PowerPoint courses are just as extensive. Topics include inserting photos into the program, making your first presentation and presenting a project in PowerPoint or Visio. You will also learn how to insert video, animation and make transitions. Outlook courses cover topics like organization, using templates, RSS, email and calendar.


Content can be accessed 24/7. Videos, lectures and screenshots are used to make the lessons easier to understand. Courses are usually separated into modules (i.e., Word modules, Excel modules etc). Each one may have several videos.


You need Widows 2000 or higher, at least 256MB of RAM and several megabytes of disk space. A broadband connection is necessary. Screen resolutions have to be at least 1024 x 768. Headphones or speakers are necessary. A web browser is required; most sites are compatible with all the popular browsers.

A flash player and a PDF reader have to be installed in most sites. Few of these devices can be played on cell phones. JavaScript must be enabled in most sites.


Some training courses are free; others require payment. Some websites offer free access to some of their content. To get the rest you must pay a membership fee.

Online courses for Microsoft Office focus on all aspects of the program. You will be allowed to choose which programs to study. You don’t have to buy the entire package.