Online Courses for Personal Trainers

Online courses for personal trainers are growing because the health sector is a rapidly growing field. Privately run training classes are available in every state. These courses can also be obtained in many colleges and universities. They are now on the Internet as well.

Coursework Overview

College personal training programs have different curriculums. Common topics include managing personal health, medical terminology, exercise science and fitness anatomy. Other subjects are about physiology, nutrition basics, developing healthy eating habits, posture, balance and proper alignment.

Aspiring trainers also have to study how muscles move, strengthening the core, principles of endurance and muscular strength. You may also have to take classes on cardiorespiratory fitness and facts about the lungs and heart. Students can also study exercise for older adults and children and advanced resistance training. More topics concentrate on advanced anatomy, postural screening and assessment. Leadership skills are also studied on the site.

Additional Courses

Other topics are about business management, legal guidelines, health screening & fitness and muscular strength & endurance. You will also learn about CPR & first aid, special health concerns, marketing, fitness sales and fitness director position. There are also subjects on motivation, adherence, personal training advertising & injury rehab. Other topics that have to be studied are emergency procedures, musculoskeletal injuries, communication & teaching.


These classes cover more than just physical exercise. You will also learn various topics that focus on related subjects. Aside from those stated above, nutritional techniques, exercise equipment repair and weight management are studied. Course styles and offerings vary depending on the class.

Many online classes are affiliated with traditional schools. These include job placement assistance and a wellness center. Hands-on training is required, running into hundreds of hours. A typical course takes half a year to complete. If the site is hybrid, you have to choose one at the right site. In live training classes, there will be in-gym training sessions and seminars.

Job Outlook

Those who graduate can become a professional fitness trainer. They can also become weight training coaches, exercise technicians or aerobics instructors.

Other Information

Universities with personal training classes require a minimum of 300 hours of classes. The total may vary depending on the school. On the average the cost is $5,000.

Online courses for personal trainers require you to complete all the coursework. The certification will be provided afterwards. Classes can be completed partially on the web. Other studies have to be in a live class.