Online Courses for Pharmacy Technician Certification

Online courses for pharmacy technician certification provide a convenient way to train for becoming a pharmacist. Graduates will become versed in working with professional pharmacists.

What Does a Pharmacy Tech Do?

Their most basic function is the dispensation of various medications. But they may also be called to do other tasks. Online programs provide them with the training essential for this type of work. The Internet provides a comfortable and convenient place to train.


These online programs offer assignments and projects that develop skills needed by a pharmacy tech. The most basic course will teach you how to fill up prescriptions. They will be trained in servicing customers and how to fill bulk medications. Internet education may come in different forms. Your choices include a certificate program, an associate’s degree and single courses.

These courses prepare students for state license exams. Because of this fact, the contents will vary. Lectures are featured in most courses. This is used to explain different concepts. Course materials may also be displayed via video or in PDF format.

Several subjects have to be studied. Prerequisites include studies in pharmacy law and mathematics. The latter is necessary for calculating drug dosages. Would-be techs must also learn how to take the proper measurements.


These online programs frequently feature an internship. The majority of assignments can be finished over the web. But internships are necessary for getting hands-on experience. The location varies. But several sites are usually available. The time it takes to finish these internship training programs vary.


The federal government has no specific requirements for aspiring pharmacy technicians. However, states each have their own licensing requirements. Keep in mind that some states may not recognize online training. Of course you will need a fast Internet connection.

Continuing Education

After graduating, pharmacy techs must undertake continuing education (CE) every two years. This is necessary to fulfill license and re-certification requirements. These courses are also available on the Internet. These courses are provided by several websites. Some continuing education programs are free. However, they may not earn credit.

Be certain the CE course gets credit. Otherwise your studies will not be recognized by your state re-certification board. There are states that allow you to choose which course to take. But others are very specific with their CE requirements.

Online courses for pharmacy technician certification enable students
to work in medical pharmacies. You will also be qualified to work in retail.