Online Courses for Quincy College

Online courses for Quincy College make it convenient for their students to take up lessons. Their wide selection of courses gives their enrollees lots of options.

Available Certification Courses

Several degree and associate programs are presented. Some are strictly online while others are a combination of online and live class. Their certificate programs include surgical technology, practical nursing and phlebotomy.

Students can also pursue paralegal studies, medical billing and coding, law enforcement and healthcare administration. There are subjects on personal training, early childhood education, computer science and accounting.

Associate Programs

Some of the most popular courses are biotechnology & compliance, business management, computer science and medical laboratory technician programs. Their computer science program has concentrations in networking career, media arts and networking transfer.

Their criminal justice associate degree has a concentration in criminal justice law enforcement. Other programs of interest are early childhood education and fine arts. Their fine arts degree has concentrations in visual arts, music and drama.

Several concentrations are available in their liberal arts degree. These include sociology, social sciences, psychology and mathematics. Other concentrations are in humanities, history/government, English and behavioral science. Nursing and natural science are also available.


Online programs in Quincy College have the same learning outcomes, deadlines, “meeting time” requirements and class prerequisites as their campus counterparts.

Students have to set aside at least six hours of study time weekly. All students are required to use the email addresses that the college provides. Due to the nature of the work, there is more writing and reading needed in online classes.

Technical Requirements

Students need a computer with a web browser. They must have Microsoft Office installed. An email program is also required. Internet access with DSL, cable or other high speed line is recommended. Applicants must know how to research on the Internet. They should be well versed in downloading software and documents. Participants will also be required to send email.

Knowledge of word processing is necessary. Their computers must have Windows Vista or XP. 1 GB of RAM is recommended. Online students will be given a password. Additional instructions are given after enrollment. Students will be given their own account. After the application is over, every interaction will be coursed through this site.

Online courses for Quincy College are ideal for students who are self motivated to learn. Those who are able to manage their time will have no problems studying on the web.