Online Courses for Real Estate Appraisal

Online courses for real estate appraisal can be used for obtaining licenses or continuing education. Although these subjects are still taught in brick and mortar sites, the Internet is becoming more popular.


Subjects are divided into several groups. This includes those for aspiring and professional appraisers. There are also topics about real estate licensing and continuing education. They also offer tips to help students prepare for the state license exam.

Among the topics you will come across are statistics, modeling and finance, residential site valuation & cost approach. There are also courses on residential sales comparison, income approaches, residential report writing & case studies.

There are also subjects about certified residential appraiser exam prep, appraisal procedures and principles. Students may also take up exam prep for appraisers and appraisal subject matter electives.

Advanced residential applications & case studies and fundamentals of commercial real estate are also covered in most appraisal courses. There are also topics about yield capitalization, uniform residential appraisal report (urar) and residential environmental hazards screening.

Some of these programs offer free textbooks. Instructors are often provided. A good site will offer support for their students. Some courses subjects are specific to areas and states. Among the other subjects that may be taken up are comprehensive planning, how city planning works, principles of zoning and subdivision and affordable housing.

There are also courses about commercial leasing fair housing, economics & demographics. Real estate agents will also learn about growth management, insurance in real estate, introduction to social networking and how they affect the business.

Continuing Education

Some of the courses include land surveying & subdivision platting, land conservation, permission to build and property management. There are also topics about etiquette for the age of engage, modern real estate essentials and blogging effectively to sell.

Format and Presentation

Most of these courses rely on reading materials. However there are now some that use video for some of the lectures. Webinars are becoming commonplace too, eliminating the need to travel. Virtual classes use different platforms. You need to get used to the interface first before you can do any of the assignments and projects. Some of these sites don’t require assignments; they just offer advice for appraising.

Online Courses for real estate appraisal allow you to choose which area to specialize in. However, be certain the site you choose meets the requirements imposed by the state you plan to work in.