Online Courses for Real Estate in Massachusetts

Online courses for real estate in Massachusetts will give you the opportunity to prepare for state licensing. These used to be available in public and private schools only. But you can now take some of these courses on the Internet.

Coursework Overview

Real estate Massachusetts courses begin with the basic concepts. You will also study state laws that affect real estate agents. You will also study investment analysis on real estate, sources of funding for income property, and income property construction. Lending, land development and residential construction lending are also studied.

A typical course syllabus includes lodging properties, warehouse and office studies. Other subjects that have to be studied are retail properties, financing multifamily rental housing and various properties. These include coops, condos and family housing. A budding real estate agent also learns how to manage risks.

An integral part of the course includes focusing on the legal issues that affect estate lending. Commercial real estate finance is also studied in depth. A typical coursework include subjects on adjustments, analysis and making sales comparison.

Other Areas of Study

Aspiring real estate agents will also study appraising interests and special ownerships. Other topics that have to be studied are reporting appraisal opinions, reconciling value estimates and income capitalization. This course includes techniques and rate studies.

You also have to learn how to estimate loss in value accrues depreciation and find the right cost approach. An integral part of this course is learning how to value a site. Students also have to study the economic factors that increases / lowers the value of a


Apart from the license test, these classes will enhance your analytical skills. These programs will also teach you how to perform an inspection. By the time you graduate you are going to be versed in real estate economics. One of the topics you will study is time management, essential when you have several clients. Students will also learn how an appraisal process works.

Other Information

Classes are usually live and online. Internet classes may be fixed or not. In the case of the latter, you can download or view the study materials anytime. Instructors are provided in many of these sites.

Online courses for real estate in Massachusetts will get you ready for the state licensing test. But the rules and admission requirements are subject to change. Consult the state board for the latest information before so you are better prepared.