Online Courses for Real Estate License for California

Numerous online courses for real estate license for California have sprung up. This is in response to the growing number of people taking the subject online. Aside from traditional real estate schools, you now have an option on the web.


A license is needed before you can become a real estate agent in California. These online schools will get you ready for getting that license. Live and online classes differ in set up, but their goal is the same. These classes are known as pre-licensing programs. Some of these courses are fully online. Others will come with textbooks or discs. You have to choose which type best suits your needs.


The core courses prepare aspiring real estate agents to take the state examination. Exam passers will then get their license. Participants can arrange their own schedule. At the same time, they are required to finish the course. On the average, each one requires 45 hours to finish. Students will understand California laws concerning real estate.

Escrows and property management are two subjects that are tackled as well. Students will also learn facts about California’s economy and how it affects the cost of land. Appraisals and real estate principles are part and parcel of online studies. They can take the course exam eighteen days after they get their study material if they study fast. Some online universities have a master’s degree program.

Additional Facts about Online Real Estate Classes

Most business administration degrees have a real estate concentration. Most of these courses also teach about capital markets. Participants can choose from several electives. Apart from the core courses, students may also take up California taxation laws and business assessments.

Courses can be basic or highly detailed. That is why the length can range from two and half weeks up to a year. State laws are not allowed to work on more than a single course in a five week period. These programs get students ready to enter the world of real estate. Topics focus on the latest developments within the industry.

Other Information

Design functions and policies are discussed in these pre-license programs as well. Aspirants will also be taught about various product types such as hospitality, retail to office, industrial, commercial and residential properties.

Most online courses for real estate license for California are accredited. But there are bogus Internet classes out there. Verify the credentials and accreditation of the site before signing up.