Online Courses for Real Estate Licensing

Taking online courses for real estate licensing is one of the best ways to break into the business. To become competitive, you need much more than just a high school or college education. These online courses can prepare you for that.


These web courses are designed for real estate agents, inspectors, appraisers and brokers. They perform different tasks and each course explains what they do. Some of these programs are aimed at professional agents who want to enhance their education. Others are for those getting ready to get a license. You have to decide which type to enroll in.

Some of these courses will require offline activities. Aside from online education, you may also be required to attend seminars or a traditional class. But there are also those which are completely online. The seminars are conducted on the Internet via video streaming.

Coursework Features

Real estate is a vast topic so the courses will focus on several topics aside from licensing requirements. Aside from offering real estate agent tips, these internet programs also center on the issues that affect the value of properties. Participants will also get familiar with the terminology used in the language.

Before you get the license, you need to complete a specific number of hours of education. Some states allow this to be done online, but others may not, so you should check. There may also be pre-license requirements that have to be fulfilled.

Study Materials

Online videos and reading materials are used extensively in these Internet based courses. Various topics are covered including real estate marketing strategies.

These classes are supplemented by the addition of videos, CDs, textbooks and other materials. These can be used to supplement your knowledge of the subject.

Other Information

Before you can get the license you have to pass the state real estate exam. What these Internet courses do is help you prepare for the test. Various kinds of study materials are provided including online books, study tips, real estate acronym glossary and practice tests.

The actual licensing exam is made up of two components: nationwide and state-specific. Even after you get the license it is imperative you take continuing education (CE) classes to keep abreast.

Online courses for real estate licensing usually cost you some money. But there are some sites which do not charge anything. You just have to be patient when looking for these free sites.