Online Courses for Registered Nursing Degree

Online courses for registered nursing degree allow you to take many of the required studies at home. There are prerequisites and clinical training, but web based studies can make things more convenient.

Coursework Overview

RN nursing colleges start with basic skills and principles used in clinical nursing and systematic comprehensive review. You will also find modules on discussions about clinical scenarios. There are also subjects on mock examination questions, pharmacological theory and Bill of Rights.

An aspiring RN must also study relevant regulations, cope of practices and nursing management, palliative care nursing and geriatrics. You will also find topics about test taking strategies and practice licensure.

Students must also study pathology of all bodily systems, physiology, oncology nursing and peri-operative nursing. You will also learn about critical care, fluid, electrolyte and acid-base balance.

Additional Details

Universities with nursing classes have other areas of study besides the core subject. They usually include science and liberal arts. You will also learn about basic nursing principles.

A student of RN must also go over topics like family planning. Comprehensive reviews of the following are also required: gynecological nursing, neonatology nursing and surgery. Neonatology nursing, gynecological nursing, obstetric anesthesiology and surgery are also studied.


These online classes have videos showing demonstrations and medical concepts. Live clinical training is provided too. Forums, discussion boards and other features are included. Most of the courses on the web cover the theoretical aspects of nursing. You will also review psychiatric, pediatric, obstetric, surgical and medical aspects.

Other Information

These online classes are constantly monitoring your performance. Even before you enroll, your scores and entrance exam tests are going to be assessed. Bear in mind that the curriculum will vary. But the core subjects are always about practical clinical training, patient care and the science of nursing practice.

Format studies also vary. In some cases you have to start by studying general education and foundational science coursework for a year. This is followed by studies on nursing requirements. This program will include hands-on practical training.

Other related subjects are offered such as gerontology, the dynamics of professional nursing and complex nursing care. Special courses on nursing leadership, research techniques and statistics will also be included. In addition, you may have to study family health.

Many online courses for registered nursing degree assume you already have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). After you take these courses, you will be better prepared for licensure examination. These classes even offer tips and hints.