Online Courses for Registered Nurse

So-called online courses for registered nurse cannot be studied entirely on the web. This is because hands-on clinical experience is required. But degrees and nursing certification programs are on the web. Many subjects can be studied online.


Aspiring nurses will study several subjects. The coursework depends on what the state education requirements are. As stated, clinical training will be required. But several courses can be studied on the web.

Most online universities are at the bachelor’s degree and associate’s degree levels. Among the courses in these sites are pathophysiology, the nursing process, anatomy and physiology, community nursing and theory of clinical practice. There is also a course on leadership and management for RNs.

Online studies include nursing study materials, web tutorials and various case studies. These websites use their own management systems to deliver their lessons.


Some online websites blend their classes; some are online and others are live and in campus. For example, they will finish a class on the web. The rest of the coursework will be done in a face to face setting. Or it could be the other way around. You may study a subject live and the rest online. However, the clinical experiences must all be conducted in a live campus.

Those who are RN certified can take up a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). To accelerate learning, you can apply for credits in an associate degree. RN to BSN programs are also online. Just like other nursing classes, half of the subjects are online and the other in live classes.

Apart from nursing programs, students will also have to take up general courses. Some of these subjects are biology, medical terminology and several others.

Other Information

The majority of states require aspiring nurses to finish a nursing program. This is necessary to get a registered nurse (RN) licensure. A two year nursing associate’s degree is the quickest way to get an RN. An alternative is a 4-year bachelor’s degree program.

If you have an associate’s degree and RN license you can get an accelerated bachelor’s degree online. This will qualify you for nursing graduate studies. After completing a bachelor’s or associate’s degree, they can take the National Council Licensure Examination. Passing the tests means you can be a licensed RN.

As the facts show, online courses for registered nurse are hybrid in nature. By finishing these programs, you will be able to earn a degree required to be an RN.