Online Courses for Restaurant Management

Online courses for restaurant management have increased a great deal. Once limited to universities, there are now online degrees so you can study at home.

Offerings Online

A lot of Internet classes have Bachelor of Science and other related degrees. A lot of them are accredited, so you are assured your efforts are recognized by companies. If you are not sure you can check the U.S. Department of Education. These courses are designed so students can get ready for management, catering and other related careers.

Most of these programs make it possible for students to start at entry level. Online programs require students to study different but related fields. In many cases, the majority of the credits are for general education. The remaining credits are for management.

Other Elements of Web Courses

There are several topics covered by this degree. Cooking and preparation techniques is one of them. Other subjects students will learn are strategic planning, hospitality industry financing and beverage operations management.

In other websites, students will discover facts about restaurant marketing and merchandising. Also taught online are quantity food production analysis and food and safety sanitation.

Programs for Professionals

There are also schools that offer programs for professionals who want to continue their education. These online courses typically require 120 credit hours. Some of the subjects covered are finance, accounting and current issues in managing hotels and restaurants.

Other important subjects covered are a laboratory course in quantity food service management, food service, customer service and various topics related to hospitality.

Other Information

Some online programs are affiliated with universities and have internships. This approach gives the students a chance to train in a real establishment, giving them experience. The number of topics covered in these courses are increasing.

Subjects like business law and record keeping, employee management, report composition, security, nutrition, procedures and policies are covered extensively. Computer training is also mandatory in almost all Internet schools today.


Make sure the online school is accredited. Since there are a lot of these classes on the Internet, you should spend some time researching each one. Decide which one is the most appealing for you.

The credits needed for graduating online courses for restaurant management varies. You will see some that demand 180 credits, while others will require more. Others have 64 to 66 credit hours. You can ask the school for information about the schedule and how flexible it is.