Online Courses for RN Degree

Online courses for RN degree are among the most in-demand study programs today. The need for nurses is expected to be high well into the next decade. Now it is possible to earn the degree on the web.


Internet based study is not as disruptive as a traditional class. You don’t have to sacrifice a lot in terms of work or family time. Web courses are also detailed. Of course clinical training cannot be done online. But you will do a lot of assignments and other projects on the Internet.


All coursework can be downloaded from the class website. You can access and get content anywhere with an Internet connection. Coursework contents will vary depending on the class. Some of the more common subjects are nursing concepts, various types of illnesses and health issues.

Anatomy and physiology are also taught in most classes. Other subjects of interest include pediatrics and maternal-neonatal nursing. Nurses may also take up microbiology, pharmacology and pathophysiology. There are also programs for enhancing nursing skills.

Nursing applications and theory are taught in all online nursing programs. But prerequisite classes have to be completed first. These may include psychology, math, nutrition and English. There are Internet classes that offer these subjects. Other nursing programs do not, so you have to complete them before enrolling.

Other Information

These sites determine where clinical training will be held. Schedules, location and dates will vary from program to program. You need to check these ahead of time. Choose a class near you so there is no need to travel far. Requirements vary from class to class too. A Bachelor of Science degree program is required in some classes. A CPR certification is often needed.

An undergraduate degree is also required. This isn’t always the case though. Other prerequisites may consist of a liberal arts and science coursework. Online study formats differ. The length of these programs depends on how much time a student puts in. Schedules are often flexible. However, deadlines are imposed for certain projects and assignments.

Online programs also employ unique features to distinguish them from rival schools. But most of them offer preparatory programs to get students ready for the RN examination. The exam is supervised by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN).

Online courses for RN degree are ideal for those who want to enhance their present credentials. If you are looking for a career change, this is also a good option.