Online Courses for Social Workers Degree

Online courses for social workers degree have increased in number as more and more people have become aware of the convenience of studying on the Internet. Before you sign up for a course, there are several things you have to consider.

Education and State Requirements

Check the license and education regulations of your state or country. They will have specific rules when it comes to brick and mortar and online schools. Most of them will require some degree of college education. A masters or bachelors degree will be required.

Features of the Program

Assess what the program is offering. What exactly are they going to teach you? Some of the most common subjects covered are social welfare in America, child care, human rights social theory and planning. Many more courses may be offered and some may be specialized.


Regardless of the school, make sure that it is accredited by the state. This is especially true if the site does not appear to be affiliated with a university. However, a lot of the Internet courses are linked with established universities. Some people use the online sites to get a bachelors degree in the field. But you can also get a masters degree on one of these Internet based schools.

Registering with a School

After you have applied for these Internet courses, you can decide which one to accept. Your decision should be based on what you need and want to do. Take your time here, because these schools have different offers.

Once you have accepted the offer, finish the curriculum. Credit hours required for a masters degree varies from institution to institution. On the average it is around 30 to 40 hours. This will be anywhere from ten to fifteen classes.

Tasks and Duties

Once you have completed the course and graduated, you can get a job in the field. Some of the work you will be doing include child welfare, mental health therapy, outpatient training and domestic abuse.

Other Information

You also have to complete the state licensing requirements. The procedure may vary depending on the course. In some states, you have to take the test while you have not yet attained your degree.

With online courses for social workers degree, you can also take part in disaster relief, give assistance for military veterans and handle child abuse and neglect cases. Foster care, adoption, parental education, psychotherapy and volunteer work are their other duties.