Free Online Courses for Social Work Courses

Free online courses for social work courses usually do not earn credit. But they provide useful information for aspiring social workers. Even professionals will find these resources handy.

Coursework Overview

Free study programs can come in different forms. Some are OpenCourseWare (OCW). These are study materials provided by universities. Others are courtesy of private educational institutions on the web. There are topics on substance abuse, coping with grief and social psychology. Students will also find topics that concentrate on domestic violence, family issues and coping with health conditions.

There are also subjects on marriage counseling, child welfare, volunteer work and many others. Some of the lessons can be studied fully online. But others cannot. Textbooks may be required. OpenCourseWare projects are taken from university lessons. This means that some of them will require group work. Courses that require field research will prove difficult to do too. But these free ones should be sufficient for those who just want general knowledge of the matter.

Issues like research methods, dealing with embarrassment and coping with reality are found in most programs. Those who are interested in teen counseling will find resources on self esteem and dealing with peer pressure. Individual beliefs, values and behavior are discussed as well. Social workers don’t have to take all these courses up; they can focus on specific topics.


These are self paced study programs. There are no deadlines, because these sites often do not have assignments. Students can go through the lessons in any order they like. They can choose which ones to take up. These sites may use video, audio and other forms of multimedia.

Students are allowed to take specific subjects. They can learn how social work began. There are also subjects on how people are influenced by their family or environment. Some courses have only a few topics.

But others have dozens of modules and lectures. Just like in formal classes, lecture notes are available. These sites have links to other resources. These can be used by students interested in learning more.


Anyone can study these subjects. There is no need to enroll. Knowledge of social work will help in understanding some of the lessons. Videos and audio can only be accessed with media players.

Free online courses for social work courses are very useful. However, there is no certainty state regulatory boards will accept them as CE units. Social workers should first check with their state board regarding this matter.