Online Courses for Social Workers

Online courses for social workers present professionals and students with an opportunity to earn the degree while studying on the Internet. The flexibility provided by online programs is an added bonus.


These websites have several features and their lessons vary. But their goal is the same: to instruct people how to deal with the social problems that affect people. Chronic illnesses, substance, sexual violence against women and children are just some of the topics which are studied here.


To be a qualified social worker you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree. But to qualify for a clinical spot, you need to have a master’s in social work (MSW). Fortunately, the MSW can be earned in Internet based classes. To become a licensed worker in the US, at least two years’ working experience is needed.

Most schools allow students to finish these degrees full time or part time. If you study part time, you are given a specific number of years to finish the program (i.4., 2 to 4 years). The credits vary per program.


Subjects covered vary. They include family violence, child abuse, spousal abuse, psychotherapy and many others. Generally speaking, the courses focus on how these workers can help people deal with any of these problems.

Several programs also explain how social work services are used during times of calamity and disaster. Participants in these courses also learn how workers can be of assistance in humanitarian efforts. Lessons are available in various formats.

Many are in the form of lectures, readings and case studies. Students will also be given assignments. Apart from child welfare, legal issues and roles of social workers are studied in detail.

Other Information

The four year degree offered in these schools varies. They will also draw upon assorted fields. Apart from the ones mentioned, participants may also be required to study social administration; social planning and research are also explained. These workers also have to do a lot of work so intensive research is done at these universities.

Those with a bachelor’s degree in social work are known as generalists. The specialist is reserved for those with an MSW. The title is also given to those with a DSW or PhD. Those with a PhD often do analysis.

Keep in mind that online courses for social workers often require clinical work so students can gain experience. Practically all accredited online schools have this component. Ensure the program is accredited before enrolling.