Online Courses for Spanish for Business

Online courses for Spanish for business are just like other language study program. The only difference is the emphasis is on terms used in business, commerce and trade.


These courses concentrate on using Spanish as it is used in the context of business. These programs also teach about proper Spanish etiquette in business. Most of these courses assume you already have knowledge of basic Spanish. But some of these courses do offer a review of the language.


These courses will help you when doing business in Hispanic countries. These programs are useful for students and professionals. These Internet courses are also ideal for busy people. Classes online are self paced. There are no time constraints or issues with distance. Most of them allow you to finish the course in a year or so.

Coursework Features

You have the option of studying with an instructor or independently. After you finish the course, you will be given a certificate of completion. Different levels are available. You will be able to move higher after passing the lower levels. At the beginner’s level, you will take up refresher studies on Spanish.

After that you will be working on business cards, memos, resumes and business letters. Other topics include studies on culture and its relation to business. Vocabularies for business are included in the curriculum.

Advanced Courses

At this level, courses will include written and oral communication in Spanish. These exercises are done in the context of common business situations in the Hispanic / Latin culture. Lessons at this level will include studies of Spanish corporation structures, management, finance practices and customs documentation and other methods. Tests are given at the end of each level. This is to determine the level of your progress. The type of test given will vary per site though.


It helps to have knowledge of basic Spanish. Other courses require two years of high school Spanish. You will also need an Internet connection. Audio and video are required in most sites. Many of them now use multimedia to make the lessons more accessible.

Other Information

Many programs offer continuing education. This is for those who want to keep honing their skills. These are often taken by those who want to master the language.

Online courses for Spanish for business are either tuition based or free. If you just need basic working knowledge of the language, these free courses will be sufficient. But the tuition based sites have more contents.