Online Courses for Surgical Technician

Online courses for surgical technician are offered by several universities and private institutions. Their numbers are increasing because demand for these technologists is expected to rise well into the next decade.

Coursework Overview

Study programs can be for aspiring surgical techs or those already working. These programs can last anywhere from a few months to a year. More detailed courses take up to 18 months. Internet courses often let applicants study up to four years.

Several subjects are included in a typical class curriculum. Among them are instrumentation and procedures, anatomy and physiology. The core subjects center on the duties of a surgeon’s assistant.

Hands-on Training

Most of these classes are hybrid; students must visit the site’s campus and do some assignments there. Here students put all their coursework online training to use. These technologists have to do over a hundred hours of practice tasks. Training is done with supervisors keeping watch over them.

Online classes award a certificate of completion to those who finish the course. Additional subjects / prerequisite courses include pharmacology, pathophysiology medical terminology and microbiology.

Assignments pertaining to these subjects are performed online. Laboratory experiments are mandatory. These are done during the hands-on training phase.

There are study programs which provide credit for students with work experience. This means that working surgical techs don’t have to participate in internships or in-person training.


Students usually have to submit evidence they have finished s basic surgical technology associate degree or certificate program. Other websites have lighter prerequisites; it all depends on the study level. For instance, some study programs require applicants to show evidence they have been employed as a surgical tech. In other sites, post-secondary education is mandatory. An exam test is necessary.


Studying on the Internet is more affordable. There is no need to pay for gas and other travel related expenses. Schedules are also less demanding. They can often be adjusted to suit a student’s preference.

Other Information

Legitimate programs have accreditation. Only accredited online schools are recognized by companies. This is true not just in the US but other countries too. Not all sites require enrollees to be working as a tech. Some institutions are purely online classes. Others are affiliates of traditional universities.

Graduates of online courses for surgical technician can work in different fields. They may also be promoted as first surgical assistant. Web courses offer both entry level and advanced work opportunities.