Online Courses for Surgical Technicians

Online courses for surgical technicians have always been in demand. The medical field is always looking for these professionals, which makes it easier for graduates to find a job.

Coursework Overview

The core subjects teach you how to assist a surgeon. Students also learn how to get patients ready for medical procedures. Surgical tech universities also place emphasis on learning sterilization techniques, surgery procedures and medical terminology.

Aside from online courses, clinical training will be required. Working under supervision, students will gain the experience necessary to work in the field. These live training programs have to be completed before students can graduate. Simulated care of patients is conducted in campus sites.

Participants must also study leadership, medical record keeping and basic medical assisting. Anesthesia must also be learned. General education subjects such as English and social sciences are also needed. This is just an overview of required courses. There may be more depending on the university. Only specific numbers are needed depending on the university.


Prerequisites courses usually consist of anatomy, microbiology and mathematics. There are also entrance exams. Grade point averages are also taken into account. Applicants must also have a high school diploma or GED.

In other schools, prerequisite courses are about types of surgical procedures, operating room communication, sociology and psychology. You should go over the admission requirements carefully; they will not be the same.

Additional Details

Surgical tech schools offer certificates or associate’s degrees. Associate’s degrees are more comprehensive. They cover more topics and more in depth.

Some programs take only a few months to complete. Aside from two-year Associate of Applied Science degrees, other options are available. A two year associate’s program takes four semesters to finish. The schedule can vary though depending on the online format.


State and federal financial aid is available for qualified students. There are also work-study placements, grants and loans for students. Tuition fees depend on how many courses you are taking.

Other Information

Enrollment dates vary. Some classes allow enrollment any day of the year. In others, there are schedules to be followed. All of these online classes however, are open day or night. Before you enroll, remember that some classes accept limited numbers of students.

Online courses for surgical technicians also teach students how to work with a team. This is necessary since they will be included in a surgical operation group. Online programs explain how they should work with surgeons properly.