Online Courses for Teaching Assistants

Online courses for teaching assistants cover basic and advanced topics. Generally speaking, their tasks are divided between direct services and instructional. The former relates to parents and students.

Coursework Overview

Teacher aide schools teach them how to perform a variety of tasks. For this reason, subjects vary by class. However, they will all be trained in the use of audiovisual aids, computers, presentations and other study materials and equipment.

Other courses will be on typing, filing and storing documents. Aspiring guides are taught how to use assistive devices for disabled students. Assistants are also trained in helping disabled students use restrooms and supportive technology.

Internet courses also provide instructions about their other duties. Among them are laminating teaching materials. Assistants are also tasked with gathering funds from students for school projects.

Assistants and aides also help in therapeutic regimens such as personal development and behavior modification. They work under the supervision of speech-language pathologists, psychologists and special education instructors. They must also help supervise student social development. Promoting mental, physical and emotional development is also part of their job.

Additional Details

A typical coursework will include audiovisual equipment maintenance / operation study, classroom monitoring (live or recorded) and general maintenance. The latter includes maintenance of laboratories, classrooms and websites. As an assistant they have to monitor hardware and software too.

There are also instances wherein assistants aid students with special needs (i.e. those who do not speak English). They must also help in preparing lesson plans and outlines. After preparing the outlines, these are presented to teachers so it can be evaluated.

Other materials that they have to prepare are graphs, charts, bibliographies and other teaching aides. In many classes, aides also take part in conferences with teachers and parents. The subjects covered here concern students’ problems or progress.


Teacher aide courses in universities can choose from a certificate program or an associate’s degree. Either one requires the student to finish all the coursework prior to graduation. Those who are already teaching aides may get reimbursements.

Other Information

Teaching aides also serve on committee and take part in staff meetings. Library assistance is also part of their job. In other schools aides also help in bus loading and unloading. Assistants also have to check class attendance and keep track of attendance records.

Online courses for teaching assistants can be studied in all major universities. However the requirements differ. This is not just for enrolling in the course, but for the job too.