Online Courses for Video Game Development

Online courses for video game development are still very much in demand. Completing an Internet degree on the subject makes it easier for you to enter this potentially lucrative field.


These courses are offered by universities, colleges and other educational institutes. These programs used to be available in traditional classes only. But that is no longer the case. As technology has improved, it’s become possible to implement these courses on the web. Now there are bachelor’s degree programs on the web.


Core subjects center on game design and digital arts. You will be trained (or required to have knowledge of) 2D and 3D graphics. The process of game development is explained online. Different types of game art are introduced, including the ways they are made. You will be trained on the programs used to draw and render video game characters.

Computer animation is part of all video game study programs. More detailed programs are offered if you take a master’s degree. You will also be trained in game research. This subject will give you an idea of what kind of work goes into developing a game.

More advanced courses focus on multimedia elements. These subjects describe how graphics, audio, and other effects come together to make a game. Artificial intelligence concepts are also explained in these courses.

Campus Training

Some of these programs have live elements built in. You will do some assignments online, but will also be required to visit the site campus. The frequency of these visits varies from program to program.

Other Information

These classes give you the chance to go over various aspects of a video game. There are also topics that focus on the gaming industry. Some schools center on specific aspects. You may specialize in IT design as it applies to games. Or it may be in software development.
Some courses are aimed at beginners, while others are for advanced students.

If you have experience, there is no need to take up the basic subjects. But they will be necessary for beginners. Before enrolling in these programs, keep in mind that a lot of programming is involved. Understanding or knowledge of C++ and DirectX will be helpful.

Online courses for video game development used to be something of a novelty. But the phenomenal growth of the game industry has changed all that. Thousands of developers are needed, and these Internet classes can help fill up that void.