Online Courses for Wedding Planning and Event Planning

Online courses for wedding planning and event planning are exceeding traditional classes in popularity. By simply taking one of these Internet classes, you will learn the facts about organizing events. You don’t have to join any bridal organization either.


These programs don’t require work experience from applicants. All you need is time and Internet access to master these lessons.


You will learn how to assemble a portfolio even though you have little or no experience. You will be trained in upholding the responsibilities and duties of an event planner. If you take up wedding planning, there will be a discourse on the wedding industry.

More rounded programs provide tips for planning corporate events, parties, reunions and other occasions. Part and parcel of training programs include dealing with vendors. Any good event planning program can teach you the ins and outs of dealing with vendors (for weddings or other events).

Budgeting is included of course. Planners must learn how to best organize the event even if funds are limited. A well designed course will teach you how to be versatile. You will gain the skills needed to handle any event, from elaborate receptions, grandiose weddings, intimate gatherings etc.

Objectives of Online Courses

Timing is one of the goals. Aspiring planners will know when and when not to do things. Ordering invitations, coordinating events and putting everything together are taught as well.

Wedding planners will learn how to organize weddings of various faiths, protocol and etiquette. There are even courses that cover honeymoon planning. Aspiring event planners can also pursue studies about destination weddings, receptions and rehearsal dinners.

Other Information

By the end of the course, graduates will know how event / wedding planning businesses work. They will have developed the skills necessary to start their own event planning enterprise. Proper usage of forms, reference tools and contracts are detailed online. Training is provided for fixing disputes that may arise. Just as important is the creation of a timeline.


Event planners are very much in demand. They can also make a significant amount of money. In weddings, planners earn at least 10% of the wedding cost. A wedding costs $20,000 on average. This translates to $2,000 earned for a single event. With enough experience, you’ll be able to prepare them more quickly.

Online courses for wedding planning and event planning rarely require live campus visits. Everything you need to learn can be done on the web.