Online Courses for Writing and Spelling

So you need a refresher course on writing to help you with writing memos and sales pitches for work, and you also want to brush up on your spelling but you don’t know where to get help. Well, you may have to look no further than cyberspace.

You know that there are writing courses online but are there spelling courses as well?

The answer here is “yes.” There are spelling courses that you can find on the internet and the best part is that you can easily find one that is offered for free.

In fact, there are sites that offer online courses for writing and spelling, helping you to simultaneously work on both areas so you won’t have to go to one site for your writing courses and then another for your spelling courses.

Online Courses for Writing and Spelling


When looking for online courses for writing, you should be specific as to the type of writing that you want to learn. Writing is not merely putting words together to make a complete sentence, with a subject, a predicate and the right punctuation mark.

Writing, good writing, takes practice and it needs the right skills. You have to get your message across without beating around the bush, so to speak. Clean, straightforward writing does not need big and heavy words – simple, brief and clear are qualities of good writing.

This being said, you should first take online writing courses that are specific to your needs. For example, if you write more for business than pleasure, you should look at business writing courses.

If you need help writing essays for school work, then you should look into taking courses that teach you the basics of writing an essay.


Spelling courses on the internet are mostly free but you will have to ask someone’s help to be able to take the courses – someone who will act as your teacher, in a manner of speaking. Basically, you will be given several lessons per online spelling course.

Lesson 1 will require you to spell easy words – words that are commonly used. As the lessons progress, you will be given bigger and harder-to-spell words. Sometimes, spelling courses will include definitions of the words that you are being asked to spell so you will understand each word better.

In this manner, it’s like you’re actually taking two courses: one on spelling and another on vocabulary.

With the courses, you will also be given tips on how to remember the correct spelling of the words that you misspelled so you won’t be in the same boat once you need to write down the same words again.