Online English Learning Courses for Free

Online English learning courses for free makes it possible for anyone to learn the language at no cost. Instead of paying a tutor, you can just go online and master the language.


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Most of these free courses do not earn credit and there are usually no instructors. These programs have self study materials. Some of them offer certifications of completion when you complete them. Also keep in mind that not all “free” programs are free.

Some of them are actually tuition based sites. Some of the contents are free. But to get the rest you have to subscribe to the site.

Course Contents and Features

Some of them use OpenCourseWare. These are study materials which have been used in real universities. Other courses use their own materials. The presentation varies per site well. Some provide only basic information about English.

Some are designed for kids. Some websites are for advanced speakers; these are people who already know how to speak English but want to improve. This is something that teachers usually study.

Those who want to study the English language have several features. These lessons usually start with basic expressions, sayings and terms in English. Greetings and sentences used in everyday conversations are listed.

These examples are given so the reader will be able to speak as quickly as possible. There will also be a pronunciation guide. Some websites use audio to help with the pronunciation.

Grammar and Other Exercises

These free websites also explain the adjectives, nouns, pronouns, verbs and tenses used in the English language. These sites also provide writing exercises, quizzes, questions with multiple answers and so on. All these are designed to help people become familiar with the language.

Other Information

Aside from the above mentioned, there are other tools in these websites to help improve your grasp of English grammar. These include dictionaries, translation tools, articles in English and links to other resources.

Some websites use interactive features. Tuition based sites often have more videos than free ones and even instructors. The choice is up to you, but most of the time the free sites will be sufficient.

Online English learning courses for free are becoming more widespread. But the quality varies greatly from site to site. That is why it is important that you study each one carefully. It won’t hurt to visit general education websites. They often review these kinds of sites and give recommendations.