Free College Courses for Credit Online

Free college courses for credit online are not always easily available. Many of these courses are fee based. But free ones are on online.

An Outline of the Process

The first step is to select a university that allows credit for life experience. Not all colleges allow this, so check their policies. Now you can choose a free web based class. The third step is to finish the course test and / or make a portfolio. The final step is to have the credits transferred to your educational institution.

Available Courses for Students

There is no shortage of college courses being offered on the Internet. There are courses on IT, quantum mechanics, economics, English, mathematics, and engineering. College students can also pursue degrees in chemistry, anatomy, aeronautics, astronomy, religion, psychology, sociology, law, political science and history. There are also many computer courses available for college students.

Choosing the Right College

This is the most important step. Unless your institution allows for life experience credit, it isn’t going to work. Aside from life experience, inquire if your college permits credit by exam, portfolio credit or independent studies.

You can try enrolling in other credit colleges. Taking this route can get you a degree with accreditation. If this isn’t possible, credit transfer is the best alternative. Students must also remember they must maintain their college’s requirements. If you don’t meet them, credit transfer will be impossible.

Cost and Other Information

In many instances colleges will impose a fee for credits earned in a nontraditional manner. If you are still unsure which course to take up, talk to your academic counselor. They can help you select a free website study program. At the very least an academic adviser will let you know how to meet credit needs. They will also be familiar with the school’s requirements.

The important about these courses is to follow the guidelines. Even free college courses have requirements that must be met. Don’t forget the rules of your own college. If they accept life experience for credit, make sure to submit your portfolio. In other instances, there is a need to go through exams. You may also be required to study with a qualified tutor.

Free college courses for credit online are attractive options for students on a budget. But if you cannot find one, there are several low cost alternatives. Discounts, loans and grants are also offered in many classes.