PBS Online Courses for Educators

It’s true that teachers never stop learning even after they have earned their teaching degree. They continue to study and learn so they can be more effective in their chosen vocation.

Graduate studies or Continuing Education courses provide professional educators with the right tools for becoming a more efficient educator no matter what courses or grade levels they are currently teaching.

There are a number of teaching courses on the internet and these will enable educators to continue working even as they take their courses to enhance their skill.

Online course providers vary, with most of them being online portals of campuses across the United States and other parts of the globe.

Others are sites that specialize in child education which means that there are online courses for kids, parents and educators. PBS is one such website.

PBS Online Courses for Educators

PBS is an educational site that provides various activities for kids, tips and tools for parents and educational resources for teachers.

For educators, the PBS TeacherLine provides them with online courses that can help them grow professionally. Courses are basically for teachers of Pre-K up to 12th grade students.

Recent studies reveal, as shown on the site of Arizona School Services through Educational Technology also known as ASSET, that PBS TeacherLine Reading Courses were effective in enhancing the educator’s skills in teaching this subject which resulted in the students’ increased fluency in oral reading.

A large majority of the teachers who took PBS online courses for educators, particularly the Reading Fluency courses, were quick to agree that the courses helped them further develop their teaching skills while also being able to positively impact their students’ learning experience.

Reading and Language Arts Courses

Reading and Language Arts courses are among the most popular PBS online courses for educators.

These courses cover the following topics: Raising Readers: Preparing Preschoolers for Success, Teaching Reading in Science, Teaching Phonics and Spelling for Emergent Readers, Improving Reading Comprehension, and Principle and Research for Effective Literacy Instruction.

The courses will help educators develop in children early to advanced literacy as well as enhance their oral fluency in Reading.

Depending on the scope of the courses, these may run anywhere from fifteen hours up to forty-five hours, on average. Some of the courses also afford educators graduate course credits; usually three credit per course.

Also, the courses indicate for whom they are designed; e.g. teachers in Kindergarten to 4th Grade or 4th to 6th Grade educators.