Prerequisite Online Courses for LVN

Prerequisite online courses for LVN vary depending on the college. Before you enroll in one of these LVN nursing schools, you have to check what the prerequisites are.

Courses Required

The subjects usually consist of nutrition, healthy lifestyle, community health problems and math for health occupations. They must also study psychology, communications and writing. Medical terminology is mandatory in these programs.

Students must also take courses on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and essentials of medical bioscience. In some schools this subject is known as introduction to vocational nursing. Other courses needed are psychology, gerontological nursing and obstetric nursing.

Additional Details

You have to study the nursing process, medical/surgical nursing and other core subjects. There are also courses required for associated degrees. The subjects focus on child health care, human growth and development and pharmacology. In some religious schools, spirituality and ethics are needed.

Online programs include lectures, clinical internship and lab testing hours. There are also subjects focusing on nutrition, first aid and psychiatry. Obstetrics, pediatrics and drug administration are part of their curriculum too. Graduates have to take an exam too.


In some states an LVN is known as LPN. They are the same thing. Their purpose is the same; work with patients. They must also provide nonmedical sand medical services for patients.

LVNs perform their duties under guidance of a registered nurse (RN). They also work under the supervision of doctors. Nursing programs also teach students how to aide other medical professionals. They assist in physical exams, procedures and diagnostic tests.


Universities with LVN classes must have a high school diploma or GED. Your high school transcripts must prove that you took up mathematics, biology and English. You must complete these courses with a GPA of 2 or 2.5. Some universities allow students to begin their LVN studies even though they are still in high school.

Other Information

Aspirants must pass an entrance exam. Usually these tests are comprised of 50 questions. The topics are math and English. Applicants are allowed to retake these tests up to three times. Aside from the Internet, these programs can be found in technical or vocational schools. This will take about a year to complete. It usually takes twelve months to complete this program.

Prerequisite online courses for LVN must be completed before you can apply in any of these colleges. The courses mentioned here are just examples. The requirements may vary and change anytime.