Online Courses for LVN LPN

Online courses for LVN LPN grant certifications just like in traditional schools. Before you can enroll, make sure that you have a high school diploma or GED and meet their other requirements.

Coursework Overview

These websites consist of online courses and live clinical training. Many of the subjects taught in classrooms can now be done over the web. Among these are common medical disorders, pharmacology (medication), the death and dying process and nutrition. The latter deals specifically with what people ought to be eating. The effects of an imbalanced diet are expounded.

Pathophysiology, physiology, anatomy and biology are also part of the curriculum. Nursing students have to study biology and chemistry. Internet programs explain what kinds of instruments are used in cardiovascular labs. Students find out what takes place in diagnostic, physical medicine and ultrasound labs.


Aside from your school records, online sites may require you to undergo a test. This will determine your capability and if you are up to the standards of the program. In other websites students are enrolled first in an introductory course. Students must have Internet access. Knowledge of typing will be necessary for working with some of the lessons.

Once enrolled, you can start taking the lessons. Most of these courses have flexible schedules. However students must still submit their assignments before the deadline. Some of the classes make their lessons available 24/7. Other sites follow the schedule of traditional universities. Legitimate sites have credit which can be transferred to other schools and educational institutions.

Clinical Training

Most of the subjects concentrate on human diseases and health. Once students finish these courses, they will participate in clinical training. This is conducted in clinics or medical facilities specified by the website. Skills needed for nursing are going to be developed in these live classes. Aspiring nurses get to see patients and perform the tasks they learned in online school. They get the chance to do the things expected of them.

Some of the more important aspects of clinical training are obstetrical nursing (women giving birth), first aid and emergency medical technology. They get training on pediatric nursing and surgical nursing / general medical. Hopeful LPNs are trained by registered nurses with an education degree.

Since many online courses for LVN LPN have appeared, choose the one that best suits your needs. You should not limit your research to tuition fees; go through their course catalogs too.