Summer Online Courses for Credit

Spending your summer days studying may not seem like the best thing in the world to do especially since you just spent most of the year in school listening to lectures, doing assignments and cramming for tests – the last thing you need is to take another course over the summer.

There are several benefits to taking summer courses for credit, foremost of which is that you can take loads off your regular course load per semester by the time school starts again. This gives you more time to focus on your other subjects.

Now, with summer online courses for credit; you will still get to enjoy your summer plus you will also get to take advanced courses. The flexibility of online courses will enable you to still do fun activities with family and friends over the summer and even if you will be going away for vacation, you can still take your classes!

Online Courses for Credit

As you browse through the internet, you will get to see several schools around the world that provide not only summer online courses for credit but online courses throughout the year.

Sometimes, you will see courses being offered during specific seasons of the year but for the most part, online courses for credit are offered year-round.

University of North Dakota

If there are no summer courses that interest you, you can always pick from those that are open for registration any time of the year. At The University of North Dakota, they have courses offered during specific times of the year and they also have courses offered year-round.

The university’s Online and Distance Education provides students with several options for online undergraduate courses for credit such as: Elements of Accounting I and II, Business in the Legal Environment, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Intro to Visual Arts, and Grant Writing.

The courses are good for one up to three credits each and may be completed within nine months from the date of enrollment.

University of California – Berkeley

If you’ve always wanted to go to UC Berkeley but are unable to do so for whatever reason, now’s your chance to have a taste of what it feels like to study in this prestigious school – via their Berkeley Summer Sessions program.

Courses include African-American Race, Class and Gender; Political Philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr.; Astronomy: The Planets; General Chemistry, General Psychology and Introductory Probability and Statistics for Business.

Typically, final exams need to be taken at the UC Berkeley campus but if the school is too far from where you are, you may check with the online school on the procedure for securing an approved exam proctor so you can take the test at a location closest to you.