Yale Online Courses for Credit

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Yale University, being the top university that it is in the United States, remains as one of the most sought-after educational institutions in the country. A lot of hopefuls from all over the world actually apply for admission to the university but only a few get chosen.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot enjoy the type of education that one can only get from Yale.

The university has made some of their courses available online so students can still enroll in a Yale-designed course even if they are not currently enrolled in any of the university’s undergraduate degrees.

There are free courses available through the school’s Open University and there are also Yale online courses for credit which can be transferred to your college credit in another university.

A note of caution here: you should check with your university if they will credit the course that you wish to take at Yale’s online program before enrolling. This ensures that you won’t be wasting time and resources on a course that won’t be credited towards your course requirements.

Yale Online Courses for Credit

Yale’s Open University courses are more like introductory courses to the school’s course offering and since these are free, they generally do not count as credit courses. These are available for viewing and access year-round.

Yale online courses for credit on the other hand, are generally available in the summer. Yale Summer Session is an online course program that enables students to take Yale courses without having to set foot on campus.

The program however is not open to all students.

Yale Online Courses for Credit: Restrictions and Eligibility

Courses in the Summer Session program are open only to students who are currently enrolled in a college or university or individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree diploma.

Students who are just about to go into college or are still in high school are not eligible to enroll in any of the courses offered through the program.

Restrictions also cover residents of Massachusetts.

2012 Summer Courses

First of all, the program does not necessarily run the same courses year after year. This means that courses available the past year may not be available anymore in the current year.

For 2012 courses, the following are offered: ENGL S220E, which is a course on John Milton and his works; MUSI S265E, Jazz and Race in America; PSYC S110E, Introduction to Psychology; and PSYC S171E, Sex, Evolution, and Human Nature.

These courses are available during the first half of the summer.

For the second half of summer, courses are: ECON S285E, The Welfare Economics of Public Policy; ENVE S105E, Introduction to Green Energy; MUSI S120E, Listening to Classical Music; PHIL S152E, Moralities of Everyday Life; and PLSC S394E, Introduction to Middle East Politics.

The courses have a fixed meeting schedule per week and it is important that students strictly follow all of these online sessions in order to complete the course.